Our Role and Mission

The Consortium’s Aim and Objective is to make DRM standard not only respected and accepted but also widely know (with all its features) and taken on board at regional, national and international level. The Consortium will make a concerted effort for getting receiver manufacturers interested and get in the market for the benefit of listeners.


The DRM Consortium (Digital Radio Mondiale) is an international not-for-profit organisation composed of broadcasters, network providers, transmitter and receiver manufacturers, universities, broadcasting unions and research Institutes.


DRM was formed in Guangzhou, China in 1997, initially with the objective of “digitising” the AM broadcast bands up to 30MHz (long, medium and short-wave). In 2005 a decision was taken to extend the DRM system to incorporate modes designed to operate in the VHF broadcasting bands. This required the addition of high-frequency modes, which, following refinement through laboratory testing and field-trials, resulted in the publication of the current (extended) DRM specification.