After conducting a successful DRM+ trial in the French Riviera, Agora Côte d’Azur, French FM station, concluded with the successful live broadcast of its programmes on Thursday, 25th July at the Théâtre de la Cité in Nice followed by a lively Q & A session.

The aim of the demonstration was to discuss the opportunities offered by DRM +. Among other advantages DRM+ allows stations to broadcast a wider range of programmes which strengthens the cultural and musical diversity, enriches the pluralism and to safeguards regional and community needs.

Addressing an attentive and enthusiastic audience, Gilbert Andruccioli (President of Agora Côte d’Azur and of the Fédération des Radios Associatives du Sud Est -FRASE) explained the process implemented by the French government – ministries and CSA (Higher Audiovisual Council) for the last few years, including calls for proposals in Paris, Marseille and Nice. He said that the boycott from commercial networks, backed by the government to prevent Public Service’s access to digitisation, created a deadlock.

In contrast, DRM+ allows voluntary self-broadcasting and multiplexing of 2 to 4 radios and makes possible the cost efficient delivery of an extended range of programmes.

André Scandal (Technical Director at Agora Côte d’Azur) detailed the steps of the demonstration and presented the implementation of the broadcasting materials provided by Digidia and other technical elements that he designed for the trial and live broadcast to take place.

Guests were able to listen to the excellent live DRM+ broadcast of the Agora Riviera show in the Theatre de la Cité. The transmitter was located on Mount Ubac Cantaron – eight kilometers from the theatre. The transmitter power was 1000 W.E.R.P. as authorised by the CSA.

At the end of the session Mr. Scandal answered technical questions and expressed his great satisfaction:
– success of the experimental live broadcast in DRM+ from beginning to end,
– reliability of reception in all corners of the city and intramural,
– spectral purity of the band 1 unoccupied for the moment – he suggested it to be exclusively reserved for DRM+.

A detailed account of the demonstration will be made available in September 2013. Read more here and pictures

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