Agora Update: Increased testing for DRM in Europe

Agora Update: Increased testing for DRM in Europe

One scientific trial was conducted in Brest, France, in Band II (using a 300W Harris transmitter) in a project run in partnership with Telecom Bretagne University and supported by the Region of Brittany. Digidia’s Soprano+ DRM+ Modulator and Alto+ DRM+ Content Server were used in Brest and are currently being used in southern France, where a test is being conducted close to Nice, together with AGORA FM, in Band I at 60 MHz.

The third and biggest trial which began in May is with a commercial radio network in Trondheim (Norway) where a Nautel 300W transmitter and a Digidia content server is supporting the trial in Band II. The trial was held in conjunction with other key DRM Consortium members like Fraunhofer IIS, RFmondial and with the full support of the Norwegian commercial broadcaster, Venture 21.

DRM Consortium Chair, Ruxandra Obreja, says: “We are proud of the support and technical expertise we are getting from our key members supplying transmitters, content servers, modulators and full DRM USB receiver solutions. In Europe we are demonstrating that there is a cheap and effective solution also for digitising small radio stations (commercial and community) which can run on their own or compliment other multiplex solutions.”

The DRM+ trial at Agora FM in France is to continue until 31st July. Visit the blog where you can learn more about their recent tests.

Watch their video of how the signal was tested on the move.