AIR to increase coverage of border area

All India Radio (AIR) has taken the initiative for adequate coverage in border areas in Jammu and Kashmir and the North-eastern part of the country. According to website The proposed amount for the initiative is Rs. 3 billion. This new step taken by AIR is an addition to the continuing scheme under which Rs 1 billion has been proposed.

However, outlay for the 12th Plan is yet to be received, say Information and Broadcasting Ministry sources. Sources also say AIR has deployed stations in 71 tribal areas out of the total 275 radio stations it has in 34 states and union territories as of 31 March this year.

However, the sources admitted that in all 24 radio stations over the country, AIR was experiencing shortage of staff. Also, AIR’s 51 stations had problems of ageing transmitters (38 FM transmitters, 6 Short Wave and 7 Medium Wave). Sanction had been received for replacing the majority of these in the 12th Plan.


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