Analogue receivers in cars any longer – Your Question Answered

Have read about millions (50 lakhs) of new Indian cars with DRM radio? Does this mean that no analogue receivers are in these cars any longer?

(Indian digital radio enthusiast)

The digital radio sets, now part of the dashboards in the new Indian cars is one of the great achievements of the Indian digital DRM roll-out. This is noteworthy even by international standards. For the number of over 5 million cars fitted with digital radios to date to increase significantly, as the automotive industry expects after their significant investments and innovations, the Indian government needs to take the decision and extend the DRM digital solution to the band II, FM, as well. This can be done on a software upgrade basis for new and existing cars. A digital radio, no matter the band, will always include the analogue decoding functionality, in other words will be a dual analogue-digital receiver. If you want to see and listen to such a smart radio you can always visit the Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) booths 26 and 28 (hall 7) during the International Broadcast Engineering Society of India (BES – event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 110002 16-18 February.

The DRM Consortium ( will share with the visitors various aspects and benefits of the DRM technology. Visitors will be able to experience directly the multi-channel capability of DRM in FM and also some of its key benefits like the delivery of emergency warnings (DRM-EWF a functionality that is part of the DRM standard) with audio and text in desired language – also available to the visually or hearing impaired. All this will also be demonstrated on car dashboard units presented at the booths.


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