Brazil’s ‘Interstate Federation of Radio and Television Workers’ Union Meets in Rio to Discuss Digital Radio and Television

The 10th FITERT Congress took place from June 24th to 26th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. FITERT is the ‘Interstate Federation of Radio and Television Workers’, and is a Union congregation entity that organises and protects radio and television worker’s rights since 1990.

The congress, attended by more than 500 radio workers, debated important themes on radio and television like digital radio, media democratisation and the AM to FM migration process. The organisation is much concerned about the future of the radio market and workers.

The Brazilian DRM Consortium representative, Marcelo Goedert spoke at the event on the 25th invited by the organisation’s Chairman Mr. José Antonio in a panel called “Brazilian Radio Digitisation” together with the Secretary of Electronic Communications Services – Ministry of Communications, Mr. Adolpho Henrique Almeida Loyola. During the 3 hours panel many questions  were raised and debated about the digitalisation of radio in Brazil using the digital radio standard DRM.

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