Can DRM be used in band III and not just in the band II VHF?– Your Question Answered

Can DRM be used in band III and not just in the band II VHF?

(UK listener)

DRM is recommended for all frequency bands above and below 30 MHz, therefore for band III as well. DRM enjoys the same features and benefits in all bands. Recently Indonesia recommended DRM for mediumwave and VHF band II and III (in the frequency range 174–202 MHz, while the frequency range 202–230 MHz is allocated to DAB+). DRM and DAB+ can be mixed happily together in band-III. But the Indonesian regulator seems to have decided to have a clear frequency assignment rather than planning every transmitter location and associated frequency assignment individually.

So, a purely administrative decision to streamline license management and frequency planning. The only possible benefit for DRM, maybe with the slight potential benefit that DRM is assigned the lower half of the spectrum. And in general, the lower the transmission frequency, the wider the coverage per transmission power. More important is that DRM is recommended in both II and III and that there are now practical solutions for broadcasting DRM in band II, as well.


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