Car Receivers

Chipsets And Modules For DRM In Cars

OEMs use available chips from various manufacturers, such as NXP, Skyworks, Bosch, CML Micro and others.

NXP Chipsets

NXP (, the number one in automotive infotainment systems and the global market and innovation leader for car radio solutions has developed new DRM solutions for OEMs.

The company has added FM band support to DRM, Journaline data forwarding, and the xHE-AAC audio codec for music and speech.

In addition, NXP demonstrated dual tuners and a cost-effective single tuner on DRM platforms shown below. These tuners also support the traditional analogue frequencies.


Entry Platform (DRM In AM And FM Band)
Atomic2 (TEF6659) + Saturn (SAF36xx)

Mid-End Platform (DRM In AM And FM Band)
HERO (TEF6638) + Saturn (SAF36xx)

High-End Platform (DRM In AM And FM Band)
DiRaNa3 (SAF775x) + Saturn (SAF36xx)

Skyworks Modules

Skyworks, also a leading provider of automotive solutions, has recently launched a digital radio coprocessor for DRM in the FM band (September 2022).

Previously Skyworks released the Si4694 digital radio coprocessor for DRM for AM radio reception in automotive infotainment systems and car radios. Created to work with its Si479xx family of automotive radio tuners, the new device offers a new level of performance and power efficiency with an extremely low system BOM.


Video: Skyworks’ DRM for AM Coprocessor (video for the DRM General Assembly 2022)

Entry Platform (DRM For AM): Global Eagle (SI47907) + Falcon (SI4694)

Mid-End Platform (DRM For AM): Global Eagle (SI47925) + Falcon (SI4694)

High-End Platform (DRM For AM): Dual Eagle (SI47975) + Falcon (SI4694)

Entry/Mid/High Sdr Platform (DRM For AM): Global Eagle Or Dual Eagle + SOC)

Note: For a global platform, the Si4694 can be replaced with pin/package compatible digital radio coprocessor Si4699, which supports all global mainstream digital radio standards

Car Receiver Offers


The Chinese company Gospell has recently developed the DRM in AM and FM GR-520 single DIN car stereo digital aftermarket radio receiver with Bluetooth and USB/SD Player


Other Gospell car products planned for 2022 are:

Gospell GR 500 module

the car tuner module GR-500 for DRM in AM and FM featuring all key specifications such as xHE-AAC audio, DRM data services (Journaline, MOT Slideshow, text messages), Emergency warnings, alternative frequency switching, etc.

Gospell USB Dongle

USB dongle GR-511

For 2023 and 2024 Gospell are preparing further DRM receiver solutions such as a wireless DRM FM dongle with Bluetooth and other products.


Inntot’s automotive receiver solution is already used by major car brands in India

Inntot Technologies  have developed an SDR based IP solution which powers DRM receivers of popular models of major car makers. Inntot’s DRM receiver solution is highly cost effective with excellent RF and timing performance along with highly optimized CPU usage. Inntot’s solution provides a competitive edge to automotive Tier-1 customers with its patented improvements.


Starwaves Tuk

The German/Swiss company Starwaves is in the process of redesigning their initial the DRM CarBox (‘TukTuk’) after-market digital radio receiver (seen here in the picture). 

In addition, Starwaves are working a new after-market DRM car receiver prototype showcased at this years BES Expo in Delhi in February.   

DRM Car Receiver Roll-Out In India

The Indian automotive market has achieved the fastest digital radio adoption in a relatively short period of time, with over 6 million new cars on the road equipped with a DRM digital radio receiver as end of last year.

The radio receiver industry both in India and abroad has invested millions of dollars in the development of DRM digital radio capable receivers for use in Indian cars. The car brands listed below are major international players and can equip their vehicles with a DRM digital radio in any country which is planning or rolling out the DRM standard.

According to the information made available to the DRM Consortium, the following car brands include DRM digital radios in India:

Maruti Suzuki logo
Hyundai logo
Mahindra logo
MG Motor logo
toyota logo
Mercedes Benz logo

Please check with the actual manufacturers the availability of the DRM digital radios for specific models at the time of the order or purchase.

More international car brands are planning or are in the process of fitting DRM digital receivers in their vehicles.


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