The High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC) in Sofia, Bulgaria in August brought together representatives from the world’s leading international broadcasters.  The conference aims to facilitate the scheduling of analogue and digital (DRM) transmissions in the shortwave frequency bands, reduce frequency clashes between broadcasters and eliminate possible sources of interference – improving the audibility of transmissions and the listener experience.

As in previous years, Babcock International attended in its frequency management capacity, representing a number of international broadcasters including BBC World Service. It was a very well hosted conference and successfully solved the majority of issues during the week, helping to ensure interference-free transmissions.

Calvin Carter from Continental Electronics also gave a very informative presentation on recent DRM developments and their plans for the future development of DRM transmission equipment.

We hope that all broadcasters around the world carrying out DRM transmissions will attend future conferences to coordinate their broadcasts and ensure interference-free programmes for their listeners.

The next HFCC will take place in Muscat, Oman, 1-5 February 2015.

Alan Hutchinson, Senior Frequency Manager, Babcock  International


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