Coverage Report of the DRM Transmissions from Hungary


The main objective of the Budapest University of Technology DRM project is to demonstrate the benefits of the DRM standard under realistic conditions. After relocating the transmitter to a new site near Budapest and increasing the power to 100W in September 2019, the following coverage was measured around the site. The diagrams show the carrier-to-noise ratios (in dB) registered during several drive tests.



The transmitter is currently installed in Érd, a small town close to the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The region has a diverse geographical configuration as it is surrounded by hills, flat areas, is crossed by a straight highway and the river Danube; the coverage area has all the terrain types specified in the DRM standard general coverage.The project is greatly supported by external contributors. The Fraunhofer Institute IIS in Erlangen provides the content editor and server software necessary for the programme generation. The audio material was compiled by Maria Radio, while the technical background (transmitter and antenna design, construction) is ensured by two companies, namely Nagyfrekvencia Kft. and SZOMEL Kft.

Due to technological improvements, the transmissions are suspended for some weeks. They are planned to be resumed on March 1st this year.


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