Danish Shipping company to pioneer DRM testing

In anticipation of DRM transmissions from AIR to European waters, a Danish ship company which employs a number of seafarers from India have agreed to test the reception of AIR DRM transmissions on three of their commercial vessels. The Danish Seaman’s Mission will buy the DRM receivers and then install them in a dayroom used by the seafarers on-board. The plan is to modify DR111 type receivers with an external antenna input and test reception for one year.

If the dayroom test receiver works well in this test situation then this could increase demand for personal DRM receivers, which the seafarers can use privately in their own cabins. The Danish shipping company welcome any positive step towards supplying more free to air broadcast to their seafarers at sea, where internet access is difficult.

Initially the tests will receive a mix of analog/DRM until the DRM capacity is high for Europe.


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