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Modules for Desktop and Portable Receivers

Cambride Consultants and CML Microcircuits

Cambridge Consultants in co-operation with CML Microcircuits (UK) have developed a small, low-power and low-cost (under $20) DRM portable receiver module for both DRM in AM and FM, as well as the corresponding analogue frequencies (;


The evaluation board shown demonstrates

  • User interface based on push-buttons
  • Small low-cost display
  • MW, SW and VHF antennas
  • Complete radio requiring no external processor
  • ‘Antenna to speaker’ solution
  • Only active components are display and power supply regulator

DRM1000 also supports a serial control and data interface

  • Allows use of an external host
  • Can deliver data services for external processing / display

Video: CML Microsystems and Cambridge Consultants are presenting the latest developments of their cost effective receiver module (Video for the DRM General Assembly 2022)

The new DRM1000 module opens up the low-cost end of the DRM receiver offers and has been presented and demonstrated during the IBC DRM events in September 2022 and is scheduled to be available from Q1 2023.


Three more advanced portable radios, GR- 224, GR-226 and GR-228, have come onto the market.

Gospell Digital Technology Co Ltd. ( is based in China and first developed the DRM standalone Receiver GR-216.

Gospell GR 216

All Gospell receivers have the following features

  • Full band DRM (MW/SW VHF-II) and AM/FM stereo reception
  • DRM xHE-AAC audio decoding
  • DRM Journaline* and scrolling text message
  • DRM emergency warning reception
  • DRM alternative frequency switching
  • DRM expert mode for reception status inspection
  • FM RDS station name display
  • 60 station memory presets
  • 1kHz step tuning allows fast and precise station reception
  • Station auto seeking and store
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Automatic time set
  • Operates on internal battery or AC adapter


GR-224BP Portable DRM/AM/FM Radio (DRM/AM/FM | Bluetooth | USB/TF player | AUXin)

Gospell GR-224BP Portable DRM AM FM Radio

GR-226BP Portable DRM/AM/FM Radio (DRM/AM/FM | Bluetooth | USB/TF player | AUXin)

Gospell GR-226BP Portable DRM AM FM Radio

GR-228BP Portable DRM/AM/FM Radio (DRM/AM/FM | Bluetooth | USB/TF player | AUX in | Stereo speaker)

Gospell GR-228BP Portable DRM AM FM Radio

The unit price of all these receivers will be based on the order volume.

A new Gospell receiver series, the GR220, has just been made available commercially: GR-220P Pocket DRM/AM/FM Pocket Radio

Gospell announces the latest DRM pocket radios

The company has an Indian distributor, Antriksh Digital Solutions ( → Section ‘DRM Products’). The DRM receivers on Antriksh’s website are coded and customised to Indian requirements and sold to customers in India. Unit price will be based on order volume.

Antriksh Digital Solutions can be contacted at:

in China can be contacted at:


The Gospell receivers are also available on the Alibaba website:



In Brazil, the Gospell receivers can be bought via the website:


Starwaves ( in Germany has developed the portable W293-BT receiver with optional WiFi capability, which can be used for distant learning and education. The company is ready to receive substantial order for mass production.

The features of this model are:

  • DRM in the AM, SW and FM Band
  • Also plays analogue AM, FM and SW
  • High quality tuner
  • Journaline
  • DRM Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF)
  • Frequency and station name can be scrolled on the LED display

The Starwaves standalone receiver W293BT is also available on the TradeIndia website:


The company’s website is:


Starwaves can be contacted at:

Starwaves Standalone W24BT Radio