RNZI, KTWR, Radio Vaticana DRM transmissions to Australia during HFCC Conference Alongside All India Radio’s regular Australia Broadcasts

Australia has welcomed delegates to the latest HFCC conference on 24-28 August in Brisbane where representatives from the world’s leading international broadcasters will meet to facilitate the scheduling of analogue and digital (DRM) transmissions in the shortwave frequency bands.  Representatives from Ampegon AG, Continental Electronics and Babcock International, key members of the DRM Consortium, will be attending this conference and will give an update on DRM developments and the new India made DRM receiver. At the conference the delegates will have the opportunity to sample the excellent quality of digital radio during the live DRM transmissions on ShortWave from Radio New Zealand and KTWR, Guam. KTWR plans to transmit dual DRM stereo programmes (using xHE-AAC) over SW with live demos to at least two xHE- AAC capable receivers.

During the conference, RNZ and KTWR Guam broadcast extra DRM transmissions on August 24th -28th:

RNZI will broadcast from midday to 12:55, nearly continuous from 14:00 – 16:40, 17:00 – 21:00 as well as 07:51 – 09:55, 17675 kHz 2151-2355 UTC

KTWR Guam: 0630 -0730 UTC (1630-1730 Local Time) on 15450 kHz, power: 90 kW

Radio Vaticana: Time 22:30-23:00 UTC, Frequency 11890 kHz

Click here for more technical information.

All India Radio: regular transmissions to Australia 20:00 – 21:00



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