Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) – The Digital Radio Future of Southern Africa, Pretoria October 16th-17th 2014

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Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) – The Digital Radio Future of Southern Africa

Following the successful launch of the Southern Africa DRM Platform in Pretoria in June this year, the new DRM Southern Africa Platform together with key Consortium representatives are planning a practical workshop to be held at the Centurion Lake Hotel, Pretoria on the 16th and 17th October 2014.  The event will offer key stakeholders in Southern Africa and South Africa specifically, a hands-on demonstration of the potential of the DRM digital radio standard with live local test transmissions and the possibility of using and scheduling DRM equipment. Representatives from Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho and Botswana and representatives of the South African government like the Department of Communications, the network operator Sentech, the public broadcaster SABC, manufacturers and community associations are expected to contribute to this “first of its kind” event in South Africa.

The DRM standard’s main features and its substantial benefits for broadcasters and listeners, governments, network operators and local receiver manufacturers will all feature during the one-and-a-half-day event which will try to do justice to its title: “DRM – The Digital Radio Future of Southern Africa”.

The first excellent results of the DRM30 trial ongoing in Pretoria at the moment will feature and be introduced during the planned workshop. The focus of this “show and tell” event will also be on the practical introduction of DRM and how this digital audio broadcast comprehensive solution can meet the needs of the various and varied Southern African markets.

Other key DRM topics on the agenda at this comprehensive seminar will include: the opportunities available for substantial energy savings; the extended broadcast coverage in DRM; the potential for the local production of receivers and some of the considerations required for a successful launch of the DRM standard.

The recently appointed Chair of the Southern African Platform, Dr Roelf Petersen of Radio Pulpit, said: “DRMSA aims to put forward a credible strategy and structure for digital audio transmissions in Southern Africa. We believe that the Platform can offer excellent broadcasting information and manufacturing solutions not only for South Africa, but also for the whole of Southern Africa, the very subjects we will address at our forthcoming workshop.”

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, thinks that: “The DRM standard is the only global standard which can be used in all radio frequency bands and is therefore ideal for large and diverse countries such as those in Africa. DRM can become a truly African standard opening up new possibilities for the listeners and opportunities for the local industries.”

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About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies.

The DRM standard comprises of two major configurations: ‘DRM30’ intended for broadcasts on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz and providing large coverage areas and low power consumption. The configuration for the VHF bands above 30 MHz is called ‘DRM+’, tailored for local and regional coverage with broadcaster-controlled transmissions.

All DRM configurations share the same audio coding, data and multimedia services, service linking, multiplexing and signalling schemes.  DRM provides high quality sound combined with a wealth of enhanced features: Surround Sound, Journaline text information, Slideshow, EPG, and data services.

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