As the latest company to join the DRM Consortium, the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is keen to introduce the latest digital technologies for the benefit of listeners in Pakistan and overseas.  The Corporation’s radio services are broadcast through satellite, FM, AM, and shortwave radio frequencies. At national level, PBC broadcasts its programmes in 23 different state-recognised languages 24-hours a day. While its external services programmes are broadcast eight hours daily in 10 different foreign languages, covering Western, Southern, Eastern, Northern Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe.

The PBC provides several services including:

•         Home Service (Medium Wave Network)
•         World Service (Shortwave Network)
•         External Service (Shortwave Network)
•         PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (Medium Wave Network)
•         FM – 93.5 Saut ul Qur’an Network
•         FM – 101 Network
•         FM – 93 Network
•         FM – 94 National Sound Archives

Streaming Services are available at


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