DRM Welcomes Radio Republik Indonesia to DRM Consortium and Signs Cooperation Agreement to Introduce DRM Technology in Indonesia in 2016

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium is delighted to welcome the Indonesian public broadcaster, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) as a member of the Consortium.  DRM and RRI have also signed a cooperation agreement to introduce the DRM technology in Indonesia starting in 2016.

The cooperation agreement was signed on behalf of RRI by Mrs R. Niken Widiastuti (President) and Mr M. Rohanudin (Technology and New Media Director), during the Asia Broadcasting Union’s General Assembly meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.  The DRM Consortium was represented by the DRM Chairman, Mrs Ruxandra Obreja and Vice Chair, Mr Alexander Zink.

Mr Sunarya Ruslan, Head of Supervisory Board of Radio Republik Indonesia, said: “This is the first step for RRI to implement digital radio to serve the people of Indonesia.”

Mr Rohanudin, added: “Digitisation of broadcasting is the first point of entry of new technologies into a country that consists of islands like Indonesia. Its presence must have the support of all parties to convince the Indonesian society of using this technology.”

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chairman, is delighted to have the Consortium working so closely with RRI: “ The DRM trial and workshop earlier in the year opened up possibilities and interest in a key Asian market like Indonesia, whose needs can be excellently met by DRM”.

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About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies.

The DRM standard comprises of two major configurations: ‘DRM30′ intended for broadcasts on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz and providing large coverage areas and low power consumption. The configuration for the VHF bands above 30 MHz is called ‘DRM+’, tailored for local and regional coverage with broadcaster-controlled transmissions.

All DRM configurations share the same audio coding, data and multimedia services, service linking, multiplexing and signalling schemes.

DRM provides high quality sound combined with a wealth of enhanced features: Surround Sound, Journaline text information, Slideshow, EPG, and data services.

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