Digital Short-wave broadcasting launched in Test Mode Throughout Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Siberia

Digital short-wave broadcasting has been launched in test mode throughout the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, the district government press service said on Thursday.

In Chukotka, broadcasting on the territory outside the settlements is especially important, as it allows providing miners, geologists, reindeer herders and hunters working in the region with a population density of 0.07 people per 1 sq. M.  km.

“In the region, a digital radio broadcast was launched in test mode. To determine the possibilities of covering the territory of the Chukotka district with short-wave broadcasting, a music loop was started to configure the equipment and determine the signal reception. By 2020, it is planned to provide 95.5% of the territory of Chukotka with short-wave broadcasting,”  message.
The Government of Chukotka, together with specialists from the Far Eastern Regional Center of RTRS, in 2019 launched a project to cover almost 100% of the region’s territory with a short-wave digital signal.  “We constantly have in these remote places 2,000 residents who need to be provided with communication services. Subsoil user projects are also being implemented outside the boundaries of settlements, transport communications are provided in territories that are not provided with communications, the Northern Sea Route also requires attention. These new  decisions will remove restrictions and ensure communication where it is needed, “the words of Governor Roman Kopin are quoted in the message.

Test broadcasting is carried out at a frequency of 12025 kHz in analog (AM) and digital DRM format.  Using the DRM platform allows providing residents with high-quality sound and makes it possible to synchronously transmit programs in the national language.  In addition, the format opens up the possibility of targeted notification, as well as the use of the platform for operational, duty and dispatch services, as well as projects for the informatization of the Arctic territories and the Northern Sea Route.  Read more


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