DRM AIBD Joint Webinar: 6th May 2020

The DRM Consortium in collaboration with AIBD (Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development) organised a webinar on 6th May 2020.

Over 70 participants from the Asia Pacific region (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand etc.) very actively participated in the two-part session “DRM – An Introduction to Efficient Broadcasting”.

Following the two presentation sessions participants wanted to know if DRM requires licenses like other standards, what the role of content servers is and if one can feed several transmitters with one content server. Other questions referred to the benefit of up to three audio channels and one data in DRM on an existing or new FM frequency. Single Frequency Network (SFN) was of great interest, as was the possibility of having DRM on mobiles, simulcasting, the energy efficiencies delivered in DRM and the excellent and flexible DRM coverage possibilities.

“This was a first recent collaboration of the Consortium with AIBD and the level of interest cemented our cooperation with this prestigious organisation, definitely requiring now a follow-up”, said Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman.

The level of interest in various aspects of the DRM and the great number of questions coming after the recent DRM webinars will be maintained through a constantly refreshed weekly question and answer page on the www.drm.org site to be launched after 10th May.


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