DRM at ITVF Turkey – benefits of DRM presented to Turkish stakeholders

DRM at ITVF Turkey – benefits of DRM presented to Turkish stakeholders


The DRM Consortium was invited to participate with multiple presentations at this year’s annual iTVF (Istanbul TV Forum organised in conjunction with the private radio stations’ association RATEM). The conference focussed on the digitization of Turkish Broadcasting (TV and radio): Taking Turkey to Digital was held at the Beykent University in the heart of Istanbul on May 28th and 29th.

Representatives of the full Turkish radio sector participated in the event,  including delegates from the regulator (RTÜK), the public broadcaster (TRT), the private radio broadcasters (RATEM), and the University  research sector, represented by the host of the radio day, Professor Mehmet Kesim.

Participants learned about the international roll-out of DRM in various regions and countries around the globe. They enjoyed the latest features and application of DRM digital radio from the different perspectives of the broadcasters and listeners. Finally they engaged in a “no-frills” session exploring the possible upgrade paths and cost benefits for Turkey when converting AM and FM transmissions to DRM.

The interest was palpable, the questions numerous and the information provided by DRM will hopefully shape the final audio broadcast decision that Turkey seems to be inching to.

Alexander Zink, Fraunhofer IIS