DRM at RadioAsia 2017

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium was invited to take part in the RadioAsia Conference which took place in Bangkok between 26-28 April 2017.

The themes of the conference were all  around radio content, which, all participants agreed, is in today’s digital environment essential for keeping listenership and attracting new audiences.

DRM’s Marketing Director, Radu Peter Obreja, gave a presentation on the digital standard offering to broadcasters the right platform on which to build and deliver these new and exciting programmes.  The audience was reminded that several programmes can be aired on one frequency by using the DRM digital format in both the AM as well as VHF modes.

Radu Obreja used concrete examples of countries wishing to achieve the broadcasters’ goals by rolling the DRM standard.  India is in the forefront, with some 600 million people already in the incidence of DRM digital signals, which All India Radio are broadcasting at present.  Other countries in the region, such as Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam are seriously considering such a DRM roll-out.  In addition, Radu presented two video clips, one demonstrating the powerful sound of DRM using the latest audio codec technology xHE-AAC by All India Radio in India, and the other one demonstrating the test of DRM in the VHF band (DRM+) by the community station Koffifi (WECODEC) in South Africa.