DRM Consortium Announces its “DRM Showcase Day” (September 16th) at IBC 2023

At IBC 2023 (Welcome – IBC2023 ) the DRM Consortium (www.drm.org) is planning for a full day of DRM activities on September 16th.

The Saturday will kick off with “Meet and Greet” event hosted in Hall 8 by Fraunhofer IIS at the RAI exhibition site in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This will be the preface to the main event, “DRM Showcase”, hosted over lunch by the Consortium in the centra of RAI Amsterdam, over lunch, starting at 1330. This will be an opportunity to hear about the latest on DRM, see concrete samples of the DRM activities around the world, and be witness to important announcements premiered at this special IBC event.

Save the date and do not miss this unique and new DRM offering at IBC RAI!


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