DRM Consortium Presents at 60th ABU General Assembly

DRM was present at the 60th annual General Assembly conference at the Asia- Pacific Broadcasting Union (https://www.abu.org.my/) in Seoul, South Korea, which took place between October 29th and November 1st. The theme of the conference was ‘What Comes Next’.

During the technical committee meeting, the DRM vice- chairman, Alexander Zink, made a news-packed presentation under the title ‘Asia- Pacific Going Big on DRM Digital Radio’. He emphasised that the DRM Digital Radio Standard is the generally best accepted  solution to the increasingly outdated analogue AM and even FM systems. During his speech, he spoke about Indonesia adopting DRM in all frequency bands, China mandating DRM in AM and Pakistan going full DRM- three big Asian countries added to India, Nepal, New Zealand and other countries in the region using and testing DRM that have. China has been positively noted for its wide recommendation to include DRM in AM receivers in cars and to strengthen its digital DRM infrastructure. Regarding Pakistan, the public broadcaster is now focused on the timeline committed to by DRM. With all this in mind, Alexander Zink made it clear why DRM has an increasingly strong presence in Asia. It can now be reasonably ascertained that other Asian countries in addition to the aforementioned will follow suit.


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