DRM Developments Discussed at the 25th Anniversary meeting of the NASB 2015 in Washington DC

DRM was a hot topic at the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB) Annual Meeting from 21-22 May. The meeting was hosted by Radio Free Asia (RFA) at their offices and studios in Washington, DC.and attended by more than 25 shortwave broadcasters, suppliers and shortwave enthusiasts, including some friends from Europe. This was the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the NASB in 1990. Four current and past presidents of the organization were present.

The group first took a very interesting tour of the RFA facilities, including the main control room and radio and TV studios. Following the tour were presentations, meetings and 25th Anniversary cake.

Three of the main presentations were about DRM. Christopher Rumbaugh, DRMNA, and Calvin Carter, CEC, gave the group of broadcasters updates on the latest technical news for DRM, while Lauren Libby, President of TRW, talked about the necessity of low cost DRM receivers to secure the future of digital shortwave broadcasting. Everyone in attendance agreed that the number 1 priority for commercial shortwave broadcasting is an affordable DRM/analog receiver for less than USD $50 with the ultimate goal of less than USD $20.

We are all enthusiastic about the next 25 years.

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NASB 25th Anniversary Presentation


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