DRM Digital Radio Accessible on Mobile Phones and Tablets


At the recently concluded DRM General Assembly (April 15th), Starwaves, a German developer and distributor of radio receiver technologies, is providing the first full-featured general DRM receiver solution for Android phones and tablets. For better understanding the app before buying, those interested can click on these two links:


The “Starwaves DRM SoftRadio” app enables phones and tablets to receive news and entertainment items in perfect sound and as text information using the terrestrial broadcasting DRM Digital Radio standard – without any need for costly data plans, independent from cell/mobile phone network availability, and based on innovative digital radio technology.

The app supports many DRM digital radio features such as the Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF), image slideshows, station logos, and radio programme service descriptions. To provide all these services, the app only requires a standard off-the-shelf SDR RF dongle that is attached to the device’s USB port.

The app is available in the Amazon and Google app stores:





The app provides listeners with access to all the essential radio features of the DRM digital radio standard, across all DRM digital transmission bands, from digital shortwave and medium wave to the digital FM and VHF band-III.

With only a few clicks users select their preferred radio service, navigate through the clearly structured menus, and gain instant access to the various advanced information services that DRM digital radio provides. By supporting multiple user interface languages (Unicode based), the app ensures optimized usability in many countries around the globe.