Members of the DRM Consortium are to visit India again in August.  An “Emergency/Disaster Warning Workshop” hosted by AIR is planned for August 21st and another AIR DRM workshop in Chennai on August 22nd where DRM is already on the air.  DRM will have a strong presence at these events with Consortium chair Ruxandra Obreja also attending both workshops.

Hon Chair of the Indian Platform Yogendra Pal believes that the workshop at Delhi will offer an excellent opportunity to planners and the designers from AIR to understand the logistics for introduction of value added services and Disaster warning signals on the DRM transmitters. There was a long pending demand for a DRM workshop at Chennai. The latter will enable all stakeholders including media persons, planners, execution teams, receivers manufacturers and most importantly the radio listeners to come together to know the features of DRM digital radio and witness the live quality of digital radio of AIR Chennai.

DRM Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja who will be in India with a team of experts says: “after several workshops presentations and trials in New Delhi we are excited to prepare for a big event in Chennai, in the south of the country, where live DRM signal is already on the air”.


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