DRM for Education Travels to the Caribbean

DRM for Education Travels to the Caribbean

At the recent General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union held in the middle of August in Tobago, the DRM Consortium made a brief illustrated presentation of its education project first aimed at Western Africa but that could be extended to other parts of the world, like the Caribbean region.

Here is the DRM presentation available for free to all of you

In parallel with the presentation to CBU, key members of the Consortium tested the full distribution chain of the information (both audio and text including maps, graphs, mathematical formulas) in Europe. The results were very impressive and gave encouraging evidence for how this pioneering idea could help provide education and information to remote areas or those where the internet or sophisticated mobiles are not available.

If you are interested in the DRM Radio Schooling project, if you would like to understand it in more detail and participate in delivering education and information using the DRM technology, please write to