DRM Front and Central at the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium

The 18th edition of ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2022, on 21-24 March, under the title ‘Evolving Media Workflows’ aimed to address current issues and challenges in the media and broadcasting industries amid the current pandemic situation. The event organisers and participants took as their aim to explore technologies and solutions that are currently available for broadcasters to take informed decisions and move forward to keep up with the changing industry.

DRM was already present in the first industry session of the event trying to demonstrate why DRM is “smart radio” that enhances lives in the current challenging context. This was followed with a presentation on how DRM is energy efficient in both AM and FM offering broadcasting a clear path for cutting the transmissions costs. By using a simple, original DRM efficiency calculator tool, the theoretical part was completed by a fast-paced demonstration using real data from a network operator. The DBS “DRM Day” was completed by a full workshop on “Innovation and Extension of DRM in FM”. This included the new and exciting findings following the comprehensive India trial for FM conducted in 2021. One of them is the successful transmission of up to 18 audio and six data services from a single FM transmitter with 600 kHz bandwidth. Receivers and a DRM global geographic update completed the workshop that immediately elicited very interesting questions from the participants.

The presentations were in tune and underlining the point already made by Mr Shashi Vempati, CEO of India’s public broadcaster Prasar Bharati who gave the opening address at the four-day ABU DBS event. Mr Vempati, who is also ABU Vice-President, urged ABU members to be at the forefront of implementing new technologies and setting standards. He noted that it was public broadcasters who had worked around the clock to provide crucial information and keep people informed during the pandemic. “The importance of broadcasting took centre in stage in all of our lives,” he said.

The DRM presentations will be made available by ABU.

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