DRM General Assembly – A delegate’s perspective

Attending the DRM General Assembly for the first time I was wondering what to expect. I had heard about the efforts made to support manufacturers to produce DRM receivers and chipsets. What was the outcome? When could we expect first results?

This is of great interest to us at HCJB, as we are getting ready to add DRM transmissions to our existing schedule.

HCJB is a Christian radio station broadcasting into Asia from Kununurra (a town in the far north of Western Australia). The mission is non-denominational with the aim of informing people about their chance to live life as God intended. Programs also cover topics on health, hygiene, education and language learning.

Ludo Maes (TDP), head of the Receivers’ Task Group answered the first question in his report straight away. He outlined how the many contacts and efforts to inform about the DRM standard are producing results.  Two new chipset manufacturers were announced as members by Ruxandra Obreja, the DRM Chair, and other two key chipset manufacturers joined the Steering Board, main body, of the DRM Consortium.

Add to this the company updates from Continental Electronics and Thomson (transmitters), Parrot SA (chipset manufacturer recently joined and Newstar (producing the new DR111 receiver), NXP (chipsets) which confirmed that receiver chipsets will be available towards the last quarter of this year and the general view that new receivers are in the pipeline.

Additionally, there was a contribution from the public radio broadcaster, All India Radio, a video message from Mr Yogendra Pal, its Additional General Manager. He showed how India covers its country with short-and medium wave radio and outlined the plans of how to take advantage of DRM and its benefits.

So next to the Gala Dinner in a lovely place with a view over the Windsor Castle, another good opportunity to discuss the valuable information presented and deepen the contacts made with people interested and involved in DRM.


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