DRM General Assembly – Strategy

The strategy presentation was the hardest bit of my preparation for the General Assembly. I had chats with colleagues and contacts and on my daily walk across Waterloo Bridge over the Thames I was mulling some of these ideas over. It was clear that first we had to account for what we had achieved so far. So I revisited all the things, call them goals, objectives or intentions, we set out last year in Kuala Lumpur and when I drew the line was quite pleased.  It was great to see that our India work, our good cooperation with organisations like ABU, and the excellent preparation for the IBC presence last September, not to mention the arduous work done by our dedicated receiver group had paid dividends. Not everything went to plan, not all the receiver prototypes we have seen are on the shelves but the developments are better than ever. But the decreasing interest in SW and MW broadcasting in some developed countries is worrying, of course, while in other parts of the world they seem to be the answer to reaching wide areas and large populations.

In setting the strategy for the next year the main headings and directions stood out to me quite naturally. But were they right and how could we make them “real”?  So after presenting them at Winnersh all the new old and new DRM members broke into groups to brainstorm four of the most pressing questions so that the DRM strategy can be as comprehensive and jargon-free as we can make it.

The focus and strategy of the Consortium going forward will remain on receivers with special attention paid to the automotive industry, on key markets (India and other Asian countries, Russia, Brazil), on offering clear guidance on DRM implementation issues and on marketing and communication.

Were there lots of discussions, ideas and suggestions coming from the members? Yes. Was there any disagreement? No or no major one at least.

The strategy or, to call a spade a spade, the plan, is clear now. The hard part is making it work and getting good content on the excellent platform of DRM to listeners on affordable receivers. Easy?!


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