DRM German Platform meets in Denmark

DRM German Platform meets in Denmark

The main events at the meeting included a demonstration of professional DRM equipment including content server, modulator, exciter and measurement receiver by RFmondial.

Friederike Maier of the University of Hanover and RFmondial also gave a presentation on her project, which concerns the results of Simulations and Measurements of a Receiver Diversity System for DRM+.

The group discussed in detail a draft document, outlining the requirements for and benefits of introducing DRM alongside DAB+ for community stations and local broadcasters.

Several members reported about the status of DRM receiver availability and developments worldwide.

Fraunhofer presented a PC based DRM solution for combined DRM30 and DRM+ reception, consisting of the Fraunhofer DRM Multimedia Player software and the FunCube Pro+ USB dongle front end. This demonstration previewed the official premiere taking place later the same week during a radio event in Trondheim, Norway.

Report from Detlef Pagel and Alexander Zink