DRM Gospell Receivers Available to buy in India through Antriksh Digital Solutions

Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd (www.gospell.com) and Antriksh Digital Solution LLP of India (www.antrikshdigital.com) have recently signed a cooperation agreement for the sale of DRM digital radio products in the Indian market. The two parties have also officially launched the promotion of Gospell’s DRM receiver products.

This cooperation agreement means that Antriskh becomes a Gospell digital radio distributor. Both parties will integrate their own resources according to market needs: Gospell will provide high-quality DRM digital radio products and services, and Antriskh will provide their customers with convenient purchasing modalities. The core advantage of this cooperation is to simplify the customer purchase process (no foreign exchange) and shorten the product shipment cycle. Indian customers can immediately purchase locally high-quality DRM digital radio products from Gospell through the distributor Antriskh and enjoy all the benefits of the Gospell products.

Currently there is a stock of Gospell DRM 216 receivers at reduced price which can be acquired for individual use or retail by phoning Mr. Santosh 96-76015678 in India.  Currently only GR-216 is available in stock, and new models will be gradually introduced in the future.

The cooperation with Antriskh underlines Gospell’s customer-oriented business approach and its services strategy which prioritises the customers’ needs and expectations. This cooperation will streamline the purchasing process making it more convenient for our customers!

For more information on Gospell DRM products and Antriksh distributor, please visit:


Antriksh (India)


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