DRM IBC Event to Bring Important Announcement

DRM IBC Event to Bring Important Announcement

During the main Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Showcase and Lunch event on September 16th ( in room G105 (1300-1500), which you can attend in person or remotely, the DRM Consortium prepares for the full release of the world’s lowest-cost, lowest power, and smallest sized DRM broadcast receiver module (DRM1000) by CML Microcircuits (

The DRM1000 of CML Micro is a complete ‘antenna to speaker’ module, containing all hardware, software, IP and patent licenses required for a radio equipment manufacturer to easily provide a dual mode (both digital and analogue) DRM capable receiver. The module offers a 60% cost reduction and 80% power reduction over existing DRM technologies in the market.

Another major advantage is that the module allows these innovative receivers to be manufactured locally, also in emerging nations, in addition to traditional technology manufacturing locations.

Further to announcing the commercial availability of the DRM1000, we expect CML Micro to announce that the device has been adopted by another DRM Consortium member, Gospell Digital Technology Ltd ( for two new DRM portable radio families shown for the first time at the IBC 2023 DRM Showcase Event.