DRM implementation in India is as hot as the weather in Delhi

DRM implementation in India is as hot as the weather in Delhi

After last month’s brainstorming session by senior officers of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and All India Radio, Indian receiver manufacturers see a great opportunity for the Indian electronics industry. Not only will there be a receiver demand to be met in the country but also a real chance for export. Some of the manufacturers are collecting further details and have made a few suggestions to be considered by the Government as part of the AIR roll-out plan.

And there is great news for radio listeners in India as the installation and testing of seven DRM MW transmitters – another 1000 kW MW transmitter at Chinsurah (Kolkata) and six 20 kW transmitters in different parts of the country – by All India Radio (AIR) is almost complete. The details can be found in the attached report by Mr Sanjeev Saxena, Deputy Director General in the Transmitter Design Section in the Headquarters of AIR. Some of these transmitters are already carrying test transmissions. Initially, these seven transmitters will also be operating in simulcast mode.

Out of the ordered 27 DRM transmitters of 300, 200 and 100 kW powers by AIR, the first lot of four DRM transmitters (three of 300 kW and one of 200 kW) has been offered for pre-dispatch inspection by the supplier. AIR officials are putting together the inspection team whose work should be completed in July 2013.

Mr N Arun Kumar, Principal Correspondent of Deccan Chronicle, Chennai is regularly monitoring the AIR digital transmissions being broadcast from Delhi on SW. Now he is getting MW DRM transmission from the Chennai station of AIR too. He is extremely pleased with the quality of the digital transmissions. Following discussion on AIR implementation, Mr Kumar published an article on the features of DRM and the digital plan of AIR in the Chennai edition of the Deccan Chronicle on 18th May 2013.

Yogendra Pal,
Hon Chair, DRM India Chapter