DRM Indian Manufacturer Global Potential Highlighted in Forbes India

Inntot Technologies (inntot.com), a chipset manufacturer and DRM member based in southern India, has been included in the prestigious Forbes India’s select 200 companies with high global potential. Inntot has been noted for its concept of ‘Entrepreneurs’, which is related to supplying the latest and most advanced technological innovations globally; this matches perfectly the company’s aim to aid in the spread of digital radio. Inntot is a Deep Tech Company with SDR IP Solutions for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM in AM and FM bands) and is all set to play a pivotal role in the analogue sunset of AM and FM broadcast radio transmission paving way to Digital Radio Transmission.

Inntot’s field proven DRM SDR is used by multiple Tier-1 Customers. Inntot, the recipient of DRM Enterprise Award 2019, is an Associate Member of DRM Consortium and a member of DRM Technical Committee. Inntot, offering DRM solutions on all platforms (standalone, mobile, and automotive), are making already a name for providing digital radio solutions in over 560,000 cars to date in India.

The DRM consortium has regularly been giving advice and support to Inntot over the years, so it is a satisfying result for both parties to see Inntot included in the Forbes list. This reinforces the fact that DRM is capable, to the highest standard, of digitally transforming radio, offering state-of the art solutions developed locally, in the big countries embracing DRM.

The Forbes recognition of Inntot, speaks volumes of their potential both in India and globally and will enhance their reputation and make them more recognisable in their overall work for digital radio.

Inntot was also awared for being ranked among the top 10 of the Nasscom Emerge 50 awards of 2023. An award celebrating innovation in deep tech startups.


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