DRM Kalundborg transmission

Courtesy of transmission infrastructure provider Teracom A/S and Nautel, DRM transmissions were heard during IBC on 243 kHz throughout much of Northern Europe carrying BBC programming. Teracom installed a DRM capable Nautel NX50 transmitter at the Kalundborg (Denmark) site in 2011, and this was the first DRM broadcast of this transmitter type on long wave. On Sunday, 9th September, a brief recording of the broadcast was played during Nautel’s DRM event, so attendees could hear the clarity of a DRM broadcast over AM.

Transmitting just 10 kW of DRM provided equal or more coverage than the normal 50 kW of analogue transmission from Kalundborg. The BBC content which was a variety of music and speech, allowed DRM listeners to hear the full breadth of FM-like sound quality, available over the very wide coverage area of long-wave transmissions, free of static and fading.


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