The three hour event to launch the DRM Southern African Platform was most professionally organised by Radio Pulpit. Dr Peterson and the Pulpit Media Group brought together all the major players which included other broadcasters such as Radio Veritas, also supporting the Radio Pulpit trial, SABC (public broadcaster), Magic (an influential AM station in Cape Town and the second of the three stations which recently received DRM medium wave trial license), government (representatives of the trade and communications ministries), research institute (CSIR), digital platforms (SADIBA), manufacturers, consultants and press.

During the launch participants could hear loud and clear for the first time the Radio Pulpit DRM AM transmission. Its official launch was a couple of days later, on July 1st.  This is the first historic DRM medium wave trial in South Africa. The trial will be on air until May 2015.During the trial all the key features of DRM will be showcased and tested. Eventually a whole set of results will be presented to the public and the country’s regulator (ICASA) so that a permanent license is granted.

Dr Petersen and the new Southern African Platform will work with local manufacturing industry and intend to establish contacts with other potential DRM partners across the world engaged in the development of DRM receivers.


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