DRM Masterclass – the What, Why and How Explained

As a full introduction to the only, open, all frequency band digital audio broadcasting standard, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), the Consortium held an in-person and virtual well-attended workshop very recenlty. This was held just before the DRM General Assembly held for the first time in Dubai, UAE.

The masterclass presentation was crisp and up-to-today and its conclusions were appreciated and stimulated the discussion during the event and afterwards.

The presenters stressed that DRM provides all the ingredients of radio digitisation success for any country embarking on this complex process by respecting and meeting the country’s own criteria.

The conclusions were clear: DRM, as the digital radio success to AM/FM, suits all broadcasters and scenarios of a given country – with efficient use of spectrum and energy. In our troubled times DRM offers complete and functional Emergency Warning Functionality – EWF. Of particular interest was during the presentation the option of using and delivering Multichannel-DRM (up to 18 channels) on a single transmitter (which can be an existing analogue transmitter and does not require completely new infrastructure. This ensures maximum cost-efficiency.

DRM also offers new revenue and listener engagement opportunities with more services and Journaline. It is also perfect for distance learning, public signage and efficient highway coverage.

If you are interested in the points made during the masterclass presentation and discussion, you can ask for a short version (writing to projectoffice@drm.org) or go to: pocket.drm.org which will give you details about all the great benefits of DRM presented in the DRM May masterclass.


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