drm.org Renews its Appearance

The closed session of the DRM General Assembly members on April 25th also witnessed the relaunch of the trusted www.drm.org site, the repository of essential and up to the minute DRM information.

The updated site has a simpler structure and a more modern appearance overall, while retaining the key information on the standard, its features and benefits.  It also provides information on the companies working for and with DRM, countries where DRM is broadcast and received, the DRM products (receivers, transmitters, antennas etc.) and other visual and audio materials useful to all those interested in the open, global and energy efficient DRM terrestrial audio broadcasting standard.

Some of the old documents have been deleted but all the key technical information is available just one or two clicks away. As Radu Obreja, DRM marketing director in charge of the renewal project, explains: “by giving drm.org new clothes, we tried to respond to the feedback gratefully received form users and give the site a fresh look and structure that is simple to navigate and update. While the information will be for ever in need of revisiting and revising, we rely as usual on the support and valuable suggestions of our stakeholders, so that we keep drm.org live and relevant.”   

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