DRM Receiver Profiles Released At IBC 2009

DRM Receiver Profiles Released At IBC 2009

Amsterdam, 11th Sep 2009: The DRM Digital Radio Receiver Profiles, which define minimum functionality for different classes of digital radio receivers, have been released in Amsterdam at IBC today. The Profiles aim to help manufacturers build stand-alone DRM or multi-standard receivers and stimulate digital radio markets across the world.

The Receiver Profiles offer significant benefits to all stakeholders in the radio market; for broadcasters they provide assurance that their services will be receivable and for manufacturers that their technology investments will be supported by a wide choice of services. For consumers the Receiver Profiles ensure that the products they purchase have the necessary features to offer consistent quality and assured levels of interoperability across their region and beyond. Regulators can use the Receiver Profiles to develop strategies and policies for digital radio broadcasting within national boundaries or with reference to trans-national and harmonised markets.

The Profiles have been developed by the DRM Consortium with the aid of its member experts representing silicon chip manufacturers, consumer device manufacturers, radio broadcasters and other experts from across the industry. The development of the Receiver Profiles has taken into account important market considerations including the consumer experience, manufacturing issues and broadcaster requirements.

Lindsay Cornell, Chairman, DRM Technical Committee and BBC’s Principal Systems Architect, says: “Products conforming to the DRM Receiver Profiles will provide a step change in usability over analogue radios. The Profiles are composed of mandatory features which must be implemented and recommended features which offer enhancements with wide appeal. Manufacturers may offer additional features in order to differentiate their product from others.”

Ruxandra Obreja, Chairperson DRM and Controller Business Development, BBC World Service, says: “The DRM Consortium will actively encourage its members to adopt the DRM Digital Radio Receiver Profiles. With ETSI approval of our system enhancement to include DRM+, DRM offers a total solution for digital switch over. The Receiver Profiles should stimulate the receiver manufacturing industry paving the way for full DRM roll-out.”
The DRM Receiver Profiles document can be accessed by clicking on the link