DRM Receivers in Cars in India Grows Fast

The number of cars with line-fit DRM Digital Radio enabled radio sets on the Indian roads is quickly nearing a million (or 10 Lakh).

All India Radio, the public broadcaster, has engaged in the past few years in the largest radio digitisation roll-out in the world.  With 39 powerful DRM transmitters installed and operational today, AIR is already covering a large part of the subcontinent and an estimated 600 million people with digital DRM radio services.

Digital radio is driven by listening in cars and is paramount for the success of India’s digital roll-out programme. The receiver industry is already on board and has invested millions of dollars in the development of DRM digital radio capable receivers and the roll-out of DRM equipped cars is growing quickly by the month.  In 2017, this number was estimated to be about 500,000 (5 Lakh) cars, while as of the beginning of May 2018 the volume has already passed 800,000 (8 Lakh).

Listeners benefit particularly from India’s car industry’s joint effort to provide the in-car DRM functionality as a line-fit option for new models without any extra cost for the consumers.

The increase has been spectacular in comparison with similar rollouts in several other established markets in the world.


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