DRM Seminar with Radio Republik Indonesia

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI)​, the public broadcaster in co-operation with the Indonesian Ministry of Telecommunication (MCIT) have invited the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium to take part in a one day seminar on the benefits and implementation process of DRM in their vast and geographically diverse country.  Both MCIT and RRI presented the regulatory framework for broadcasting in the country as well as the excellent results of the DRM trials both in AM as well as in the FM bands conducted since 2015.

It was acknowledged that to cover all the islands and citizens of this vast country, DRM is ​a suitable standard.  The DRM Consortium also explained how to ensure the coverage of high density cities by using DRM both in the FM band as well as in band III of the VHF spectrum, if deemed necessary.

The DRM Consortium also presented various receiver solutions for both cars and desktop, with the possibility to have those produced in Indonesia, which ​would​​ give a big boost to the local industry and ensure the production of receivers and other equipment suitable for the expectations and needs of the population.

The DRM Consortium​ representatives​ were ​invited to a half an hour interview broadcast ​live nationally by RRI. It was a good opportunity for Ruxandra Obreja, Alexander Zink and Radu Obreja to answer very clear and direct answers on the benefits and costs of digital radio, an opportunity for interested listeners and the local industry to learn more about digital radio advantages.


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