DRM+ Showcase in India

The DRM Consortium and Indian state broadcaster All India Radio (AIR) will run a test of DRM+ Digital Radio system in FM band in New Delhi from 23rd – 27th May 2011. During the DRM+ Showcase attendees will be invited to experience the DRM+ live broadcast, to observe the initial results of the DRM+ trial and to learn more about the full DRM standard. The aim is to test coverage, power and interference comparing results with the analogue performance for the same area. The tests would then be followed by workshop organised by the DRM Consortium and AIR with invited guests drawn from the Indian/Asian broadcasting community. After evaluation, the result of the test would jointly be made public by AIR and the DRM Consortium.

For more information, please contact Project Director, DRM Vineeta Dwivedi at projectdirector@drm.org or projectoffice@drm.org.


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