DRM success at Broadcast Engineering Society (India) Expo 2013

The DRM attendance of the 19th BES conference and exhibition is one of the key DRM activities in our primary strategic market, India. During its most successful participation at the conference, the Consortium arranged and participated in four major events during this period in Delhi.

The DRM Consortium arranged and participated in four major events during this period in Delhi –

1. Workshop with Cell Phone manufacturers: Workshop conducted by DRM Consortium on 28th Jan jointly with Indian Cellular Association was well attended. Importance and ways of building DRM receivers in Mobile Phones, features of DRM, coverage areas of FM, MW & SW transmitters and plan of All India Radio for implementation of DRM were discussed in detail. Manufacturers were highly impressed and had shown very good interest in building DRM receivers in Mobile Phones.

2. Meeting at Dinner with VVIPs: Very senior officers from the ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Prasar Bharati and radio manufacturers were present in the meeting at dinner on 28th Jan. Mr Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting came to the meeting in spite of his busy schedule. Realistic assessment of the situation and the challenge being faced for the DRM implementation in India were outlined by him. Keeping in view that All India Radio has already ordered a number of DRM transmitters, need to develop a strategy for the availability of DRM receivers at affordable price in the market was the key takeaway from the meeting.

3. Session in BES Expo: Session on Digital Radio Broadcasting – adding new dimension and colour to radio in the BES Expo 2013 on 31st Jan was very interactive and well attended. Announcement by Mr VK Singla, Engineer-in-Chief of AIR, who was the chairman of the session, that all the 36 DRM transmitters which have already been ordered, would be operational by Dec 2013 was the highlight.

4. DRM Stall in BES Expo: Stall set up by DRM Consortium for the 1st time in BES Expo proved an attraction point for delegates, media, receiver manufacturers and distributors. Practically everyone who had come to the exhibition experienced and appreciated the 5.1 surround sound quality on DRM+. But almost everyone enquired about the price of DRM receivers. Live DRM30 car demo by NXP on 31st Jan was a real success and attracted quite a bit of interest outside the Exhibition hall.

These events have generated very good awareness about DRM and the digitisation plan of All India Radio but strict follow up is essential for the development/availability of standalone DRM receivers as well dongles for Mobile Phones at affordable prices. This is a challenging task and all the stakeholders need to work together to achieve the goal.

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Reporting from the conference, online media company Media Mughals interviewed DRM Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja. In the Interview she spoke about the potential of India to become the largest digital radio market. Read more

Media Mughals also reported that all the stakeholders were calling on the Indian government to announce the launch date of digital radio at the earliest. Read more



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