DRM to Present at ABU General Assembly

The DRM consortium will be present at the 60th annual General Assembly meeting of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), to be held in Seoul, South Korea, between October 29th and November 1st, under the general title of ‘What comes next?’.

The DRM consortium vice-chairman, Alexander Zink, will make the presentation ‘Asia- Pacific Going Big on DRM Digital Radio’ during the technical committee meeting of the ABU GA on October 29th at 15.30 KST. Alexander Zink will stress that the DRM Digital Radio Standard is the natural present-day successor to the more traditional analogue AM and FM transmissions. He will give details about one of the most recent Asian countries to embrace DRM in all bands, Indonesia. In China, domestic broadcasters have now been asked to upgrade to the transmissions followed by DRM, and radios in Chinese cars are also to have the same digitalised system. Neighbouring westward Pakistan is now committing to the digital radio timeline. Thus, the DRM vice- chairman will demonstrate why currently the all- band digital broadcasting standard, DRM, is big in Asia.


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