DRM Present at MediaTech – Africa’s Largest Media & Entertainment Technology Show

DRM will be present at the largest Media and Entertainment technology trade show in Africa MediaTech . It will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa 19-21 July.

As DRM for local coverage (DRM+) is being trialled by Wecodec, a community radio station in Johannesburg, participants will have a chance to listen to a live demonstration of the Wecodec station called Kofifi FM 97.2. The trial is being carried out by Wecodec together with BBC and the support of Fruanhofer IIS and the DRM Consortium.

The DRM demonstration features local content produced by Kofifi, BBC output and demonstrates advanced features presented through Journaline.

Those interested can go for a free demonstration at B&I booth B4.

The interim report on the trial in Johannesburg confirms the excellent performance of DRM on the FM band without interference to neighbouring FM stations, at reduced energy levels with optimum coverage.


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