(Report by Jose Jacob, (VU2JOS), National Institute of Amateur Radio)

Around 800 people attended Hamfest India, the annual gathering of amateur radio and short wave enthusiasts from all over India.

Ajaya Gupta (VU2DED), and Suresh Varma, (VU2EOJ) from Mumbai gave a lively presentation, introducing participants to the technical aspects and benefits of DRM technology and updating on All India Radio’s progress.

Participants experienced the rich, crystal-clear audio of DRM transmission in a live demo by 16 year old amateur radio operator Tom K. Jose, (VU3TMO) using a Newstar DR 111 DRM receiver tuned to the DRM transmissions from BBC World Service relayed via Thailand on 17790 kHz which worked very well indoors using the built-in telescopic antenna.

This was followed by a question and answer session which included discussion about the potential for DRM in amateur radio.

To mark Hamfest India 2014.the organisers have published a souvenir brochure which includes a detailed article by Ajaya Gupta on DRM technology, as well as schedules of All India Radio and other stations transmitting in DRM mode.

For Hamfest speakers and other information about the event click here, and for a list of delegates click here.




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