The DRM Consortium organised a comprehensive one-day workshop for the Turkish Public Service Broadcaster TRT in Ankara on 18th September. Over 70 people from the broadcaster itself, as well as from Turkish regulator RTUK and other key radio organisations in Turkey, took part.

International industry leaders, such as Fraunhofer IIs, GatesAir and Ampegon contributed detailed technical and business presentations on DRM, the most modern and up-to-date worldwide standard, which runs on all radio frequency bands across both AM and VHF. The sessions were moderated by prominent industry expert Prof. Mehmet Kesim from Anadolu University. Participants were able to experience the excellent sound of digital radio and see the key features of this standard, such as text, Journaline and emergency warning examples. These hands-on practical demonstrations proved that DRM is potentially the ideal radio standard for Turkey, covering large and geographically diverse regions of the country, as well as more local and regional areas, with perfect sound and at a fraction of the cost of current analogue transmissions.

By the end of the event it was clear that each country wishing to implement the DRM radio standard needs to consider its own legacy, its own specific geographical, ethnic and economic conditions, in order to decide on future investments and make the roll-out of digital broadcasts a true success.

This was a well-attended first full introduction to Digital Radio Mondiale at a key time for the digitisation of TV and radio in the country – a welcome event on the eve of the 50th anniversary of TRT.

Radu Obreja, Marketing Director, DRM Consortium



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