EBU Radio In Times of Crisis Also References DRM

Recently the EBU has published a comprehensive document on the role radio plays in times of crisis, by highlighting the pivotal role of radio not only in its technical capabilities regarding terrestrial distribution but also in its broader impact. The document examines the way in which radio can help people at all stages of a crisis.

This new report, compiled by Matthieu Rawolle, Senior Media Analyst for the EBU Media Intelligence Service, gives a comprehensive view of natural disasters and the evolution of armed conflicts. Then there is a list of cases that “highlight the indispensable nature of terrestrial radio distribution, showing its extreme resilience compared to other communication networks”, especially due to its great attributes in crisis communication. “Thanks to robust terrestrial networks, radio receivers are also reliable. People on the run can use them anytime and anywhere as they are portable and available in the car. The conclusion is therefore that radio needs to preserve its strengths also in terms of prominence, while exploring innovations. As the EBU report shows radio can help people at all stages of a crisis. It also explores the unique qualities of radio as a medium that makes it a cornerstone of crisis communication, emphasizing its accessibility, reliability, reach and trust.

The report also stresses the importance of using not only analogue systems but also the more comprehensive solutions offered by open digital radio (“DAB+ and DRM Radio innovate by including emergency features.”)



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