Are there energy saving studies for DRM? – Your Question Answered

I see there are studies showing the energy saving for some standards. Is there something similar for DRM?

(Australian community station manager)  

The cost of energy is increasing so the higher the efficiency the lower the cost of transmission. There is no official DRM study but a lot of practical data. According to reputable transmitter manufacturers, in DRM AM the savings are between 40-80% of analogue power and in DRM FM up to 90%. The new multi-bloc use of one transmitter and one antenna for up to 18 audio services and 6 data services, makes DRM a truly energy saver of the highest order. In order to find out what the savings for your particular transmitter and case would be, we have created a publicly available tool you can use. See for information on how to get access and a video that shows how easy it is to use to get real data.


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