French station Agora Côte D’Azur on air with DRM

French station Agora Côte D’Azur on air with DRM

The CSA authorised the radio station Agora Côte d’Azur to run a DRM+ test in the Nice region from 15th May to 15th August 2013. The DRM+ test is made in band I on 60 MHz using 1 KW.

According to André Scandale, Agora’s Technical Director, “DRM+ offers obvious advantages. DRM+ allows you to independently broadcast your station for a cost similar to that of FM or even lower, if several stations join together. DRM+ is ideal in many ways: it can support community or commercial stations that cannot afford the costs of T-DMB or DAB+, and rural stations with no access to a multiplex”.

Mr. Scandale also adds that: “The aim of the test is to demonstrate that DRM+ is the ideal solution (or complement) to DMB and DAB+. Public services should allow DRM+ to play its role in the future”

Mr Gilbert Andruccioli, President of Agora Côte d’Azur said, that “despite the current chaotic digital landscape a different approach is possible in France. DRM+ allows community stations grouped together to cooperate and broadcast their own content independently. Furthermore, the DRM standard allows a smooth transition to digital, without major changes or dramas.” Mr Andruccioli calls for public services to add DRM+ to their options and adds: “We already ran a DRM 26MHz test a few years ago and we wanted to demonstrate that digital radio is possible even for community stations with very limited funding.”

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is the only digital radio standard that can be used on all bands (Short Wave, Medium Wave, Long Wave). DRM+ is the best technology for bands I and II and can also be used in band III.

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